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We proudly endorse the Women of Metal show! Check out the link above, and listen to the show every Thursday and Saturday night, with the great Jayson Shell as the host.

Saturday, March 22 & Sunday, March 30, 2014, 3rd Annual High School Rock Challenge

The Smiling Moose | Doors open 6:00 pm

March 22

Last night displayed a FANTASTIC amount of talent, one of the best nights in our 3 years of the Challenge. We really wanted to thank EVERYONE who participated to make last night a big success in many ways.

The judges had a very difficult job, because of the amount of talent in all the acts. However, they were deadlocked, and we had to make a tough decision.

Chase the Monkey
Restricted Highways
Face Box

These three acts will be performing in the FINALS show, which will be announced very soon. We urge ALL the bands to contact the judges for feedback on what they saw to help you improve.

March 30

Tonight's show was FULL of talent again! Of course, this makes the judges' jobs much more difficult, and tonight, they had another tough decision to make. We came up with a tie between two bands, and like last week, it ended up similarly with 3 bands going to the Finals show:

The Actions
The Unemployed


Thank you to everyone that participated, attended and helped out in some way. We are working on confirming the date and location for the Finals show, potentially in late April or early May. We should know in the next couple of days.

Bands - not everyone can win the Rock Challenge, or any contest. However, take the results in a positive way. See what you can do to make your band better....look at video, ask for objective feedback, and also feel free to contact the judges for their feedback on your performance.

Keep checking the FB Event page for regular updates, and START informing your high schools that your band is REPRESENTING them at this huge event!

More on the High School Rock 2014 page.

Past events

Saturday, March 1, 2014, Female Voices of Metal Festival II

Mr. Small's Theatre | Doors open 6:00 pm, Show starts 7:00 pm, All Ages


Second Empire - with Alex Lindsay Roth
Lies, Inc. - with Lily Taylor
LadyBeast - with Deborah Levine
STARK - with Leeja Stark

Saturday, January 25, 2014 Kick-Off Show!

The Smiling Moose | Doors 5:00 pm | Show 5:30 pm


Klaymore Second Empire The Annajames Band
Second Empire
The Annajames Band

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